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Blue Rose is a family business built from the idea of 2 cousins. We are young Christian students that love comfort and warmth all year round, hence why we sell not just hoodies but sweatpants, t-shirts and much more. Apart from our shared love and competition of a hoodie collection we see the impact it is making in not just our generation but the older generations too.

Our company, Blue Rose identifies the differences and peculiarities that we as humans have. A “blue” rose is very uncommon and rarely seen yet it still exists. Our company name and motto is also based on 1 Peter 2:9, being peculiar people, God’s special people to be chosen by him and directed by him, knowing that he has a plan for us. Just like he has a plan for Blue Rose. Be Unique!!

Shop with us and we promise that you would love your purchase, it would be the best decision you ever made.

Customer Reviews

  • I got a few things on their website (hoodies, t-shirt, and sweatpants) and their quality is amazing. I just found my new favorite place to order more hoodies for the winter!! They also have affordable prices and they can make anything you want just as customization. - Princess Cole
  • I got two hoodies and a t-shirt from their website and honestly I wore it throughout the fall .The hoodies are so comfortable and bonus point you can get them customized. Definitely shopping here again. - Seyi Oluwagbire